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Seal Coating
Classic Seal Coating, Inc. specializes in all types of pavement maintenance. Our rubberized coal tar emulsion sealer counteracts the destructive forces of oxidation, moisture and outside chemical accumulations along with providing skid resistance and a clean and beautiful black appearance. Classic Seal Coating, Inc. is recognized as a company that demands and delivers the neatest quality of work. Each job, large or small, is handled with the same attention to detail.

Hot Rubberized Crack Filling
Cracks in pavement surfaces must be filled to prevent water penetration damage. Classic Seal Coating, Inc. uses the highest quality rubberized crack sealant which forms a resilient and adhesive compound that will seal joints and cracks against the infiltration of moisture. Our secret to the longest lasting crack filler… electrically heated hose and wand with digital display heat control dials. Our crack filler is applied through an oil jacketed melter which assures constant liquification and proper breakdown of the product in all temperatures.

Asphalt Paving & Patching
Our services include asphalt paving as well as the repairing of potholes, alligatored areas, broken sections and oil saturated areas, all of which should be done prior to seal coating. Damaged areas can either be saw cut or jackhammered based on customers preference or our recommendation.

Infrared Crack Detection
Through an unwavering commitment to excellence, Classic Seal Coating utilizes the the best technology - INFRARED Crack Detection

• Lower high spots
• Repair catch basins

• Eliminate potholes
• Correct imperfections

Trust Classic Seal for precision and accuracy

Line Striping
Complete line striping services offered include layouts, lettering, logos, symbols, etc. Classic Seal Coating, Inc. uses the highest quality traffic paint applied through a Line Lazer line striper (the most advanced pavement striper for today’s traffic paints). The Line Lazer enables us to spray a sharper and thicker line resulting in the highest quality and longest lasting line available.

Color Coating
Classic Seal Coating, Inc. also offers Color Surfaces for all paved tennis courts, basketball courts, street hockey rinks, etc. This is the highest quality color resurfacing product available offering the longest lasting results.

We suggest you seal coat new asphalt within the first year of construction.
But wait at least 90 days. Asphalt needs between 60 and 90 days to fully cure. If sealer is applied before the pavement has cured, the oils in the asphalt will work their way to the surface and the seal coat won’t adhere properly.



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                                                         Line Striping

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